Tupiniquim – Quartermile

  • low FODMAP Edinburgh rating: 7/10
  • What I ate: “Marguerita Ta Ta” – tomato, basil, spinach, mozzarella, avocado & pesto gluten-free crepe

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Although Turpiniquim sells food, you couldn’t really call it a restaurant. It is essentially a food kiosk selling amazing tasting gluten-free, sweet or savoury, Brazilian style crepes. The savoury crepes are slightly more expensive, at around £5 but you do get a lot for your money with ingredients that are fresh and cooked right in front of you.

Considering I live a stones throw from Turpiniquim, I have only had 2 crepes in the year that I have been living in Edinburgh – both times during the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Last year, before I started on my low FODMAP journey, I opted for the Chicken Curry Piri-Piri crepe and it was heavenly. So when I returned this year, with fellow low FODMAP blogger Sarah (The Wee Foddie), I was slightly disappointed to discover that it was pre-made with onions. On reflection, the staff of Turpiniquim are operating from a hut, at an extremely busy time of year, so food preparation is key to their business.

Pushing my disappointment to one side, I settled for the “Marguerita Ta Ta”. This is made fresh with tomatoes, basil, spinach, mozzarella, avocado and pesto. Although pesto is not always low FODMAP, it is applied sparingly to the toppings so I did not worry about this too much. As Turpiniquim is so popular, especially at 7:30pm on a Saturday night during the Fringe, there was a wait of about 20 minutes but it was definitely worth it. Your crepe is served piping hot which allows the cheese to melt and avocado to soften. Like the name suggests, it does taste very similar to a Margherita pizza but due to gravity and the way the crepe is served, a lot of the ingredients are pushed to the middle/bottom of the crepe so you enjoy a variety of flavours as you eat.

Although there are not many low FODMAP options, it’s amazing to have gluten-free crepes so readily available. It may have taken me a year to re-visit this fast food hot spot but I’m likely to return this weekend to indulge and settle my sweet craving.


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