Basement – Broughton Street

  • low FODMAP Edinburgh rating: 3/10
  • What I ate: chicken fajitas with gluten-free tortillas

To celebrate a work colleague’s birthday, a few of us headed to Basement on Broughton Street. Although we only had an hour or so, we had heard positive reviews of the food but more importantly, about the Margaritas. As always, I had taken a look at the menu before heading out to eat so I was aware that there was not much I could eat however, as a Mexican based restaurant, this was to be expected.

To start, we ordered a bowl of nachos however the dips were served on the side so I could benefit from the chips, sour cream and cheese whilst avoiding the garlic based guacamole and salsa.

When chosing my main, I spent most of the time drooling over the various burritos and spicy dishes that were available. Eventually, after much discussion with the waiter, I settled for gluten-free chicken fajitas with the onion and garlic removed. I must add, this was the only low FODMAP option on the menu.

Although in good company, we were disappointed (and hungry) having to wait 50 minutes from having our nachos (shared between 4) to receiving our mains. When my main course did arrive, it was sizzling away and smelt amazing. Both the chicken and peppers were chargrilled and tasted fantastic however the gluten-free wraps were extremely disappointing, tasting like sawdust and falling apart. As soon as the mixture was added to the wrap, it would collapse and run all over your hand. As a result, I ended up eating the chicken and vegetables with a fork and leaving the wraps.

BasementAlthough I had quite a negative experience in terms of the time that we had to wait for food and for that food to then be disappointing, I would go back to Basement for drinks. Even though we visited at lunchtime, there was a good vibe about the place and I’m still wanting to try their famous Margaritas!

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