Plaice to Be – Pitlochry

  • low FODMAP Edinburgh rating: 8/10
  • What I ate:¬†gluten-free haddock and chips

Let me start by saying the only reason I have not rated the Plaice to Be 10 out of 10 is because any food that is deep fried is not really that good for you. Thus, too much grease or oil can cause some people to have a sore tummy and I can’t encourage that on a blog dedicated to healing irritable stomachs. But, my scoring is in no way a reflection of the quality of the food because the taste is amazing.

My trip to the Plaice to Be¬†came about when I was recently visiting family in Pitlochry (2 hours North of Edinburgh). Not only do I love the play on words that the owners of Plaice to Be have created but I also love the fish. Plaice to Be pride themselves on being able to provide a gluten-free alternative to a British classic and as a result, they have earned themselves a strong reputation within the village. The fish is fried separately to ‘normal’ batter to avoid any cross contamination. I have found with other gluten-free fish that the batter is either soggy or very dry but this is just perfect. Alongside the crisp batter, the chips are everything you would expect from a chippy and compliment it beautifully.

Plaice to Be

The Plaice to Be sadly do not have a website that I can direct you to however I strongly advise a stop off if you are ever in the area. I can almost smell the salt and vinegar…!

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