IBS: My low fodmaps journey

Ever since university I have suffered with terrible stomach issues and 3 years ago I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). During university I put the stomach pains and frequent toilet trips down to the lifestyle; smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and poor diet. It got to the stage where I would never leave the house without Imodium and sometimes I was too nervous to even attend lectures in case I had to face the embarrassment of running out half way through. But I graduated in 2012 and to date, still face issues with my tummy on a daily basis.

From the research that I have carried out, there is not much insight into how Irritable bowel syndrome develops. Some have this from childhood whereas with others, it can build over time. Although doctors are now able to diagnose it, so far there is not much in the way of a cure.

In July 2015 I left the big smoke of London, moving north to Edinburgh in the search of a better quality of life. Whilst my brain appears to be loving the journey so far, my stomach is clearly not, causing me a lot of pain and in turn, it can make me very miserable. As a result I decided to seek medical help, with my Doctor recommending that I try the low FODMAP diet. I have flirted with various diets in the past and even tried cutting out entire food groups to find a cure. Whilst I currently follow a gluten-free diet (this appears to have helped…slightly), I am a long way from where I want to be so I’m ready to try the low FODMAP diet. Let me start by saying that I am under no illusion that this is going to be easy. For someone who loves nothing more than tucking into a big cheesy pizza and glass of wine, this is going to be really hard. My lifestyle from here on is going to dramatically change.

When I’m not Googling IBS and writing blog posts, I can be found in the gym, exploring the aisles of supermarkets or creating delicious, nutritional meals from scratch.

I started this blog as I have had enough of feeling ill and wanted to share my experience of my low FODMAPs journey. This is all about starting a dialogue so if you have similar issues, work within the nutritional field or just generally want a natter, I would love to hear from you. I am really keen to share my own findings with the FODMAPs diet and fingers crossed, I can make this transition an easy one!

Love, Moira x


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